BarnColor – 4x3G-SDI

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    BarnColor allows you to handle up to 32 x 3G-SDI signals (16 forward and 16 returns). Each BarnColor device handles up to 8 signals (4 forward and 4 returns) and up to 4 different colors can be daisy chained. This flexible system is easy to install, upgrade and use. It is well suited for both fixed and temporary installations. Can be combined with any models in different colors.


    The BarnColor devices can be installed in colored pairs or used as satellites together with a BarnOne system. If building a pure BarnColor system you can start with any color-matching pair and extend the system later as your need expands. You can combine different models of BarnColors or use multiple of the same model in the same system as long as the colors are different.

    We recommend using single mode fibers when linking the BarnColor devices.

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    Blue, Green, Red, Violet



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